"The Teki Latex minute"

"Hi friends, bloggers, here's a little present for you

Initially we had a plan to come up with a single that would have one rap song produced by Nat Self of Zombie Disco Squad fame, and then a house remix of it by Mowgli, then on the flip a rap song produced by Mowgli and its house remix by Nat Self. Then the whole thing took more time than expected and i started working on new songs that will make up my forthcoming Sound Pellegrino single in a totally different style as “Hyper Là” so we decided to put that whole project on the side. I still wanted you to hear this Excellent, fun, motivational french rap song featuring Jérôme Echenoz (the artist formerly known as Tacteel) on the hook and whistle.


My new single “Da Answer / Dinosaurs with guns / I was sober” with production by Renaissance man, Noob and Orgasmic (and not including Hyper Là), is the next SP release coming in less than a month.

Fans of our Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team remix of United Groove should expect something in the same vein.

Thanks for listening!"

Teki Latex